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Traveling With A Guitar

by Kevin Hart on 06/13/18

Here's a timely reprint:

It's summer, and many of you will be taking to the air in your travels. Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a musician like a cranky gate agent at the airport. But there’s no reason for you, or your beloved instrument, to stay home.

New TSA Rules for Musical Instruments

New TSA rules allow musical instruments that can fit into overhead bins to be allowed on board if there is space available when the passenger enters the aircraft. This does not mean that every instrument will be allowed. Be sure to be in the earliest boarding group possible for your best chances.

Instrument Care

It’s dry up here, even when it’s raining (or snowing!), so it’s a good idea to use a humidifier in your string instrument. Many humidifiers are available from your local music store or online. Please read the instructions that come with your humidifier, many should only be used with distilled water and not tap water. Check them regularly and make sure that you keep them filled.

Shipping your instrument

Think about it. How did your instrument get to you? More likely than not it was shipped to you, your teacher, or local music store. Here is a video about how you can make arrangements to have your instrument shipped to your final destination.


Be sure to always bring extra strings with you. You can bank on breaking one the further you are from a music store on a Saturday night!