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Preparing for a Masterclass

by Kevin Hart on 07/13/18

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Masterclasses are situations unique to music. They can be wonderful or they can be uncomfortable. I think that the key to have good experience is to be prepared.

  • Play music that you are comfortable with and have securely memorized. Your masterclass teacher isn’t there to help you with fingerings, notes, or rhythms. The teacher is there to help you understand the music and perform it better. As Dr. Suzuki said; “Raise your ability with a piece that you know.”

  • Have your music, a pencil, and a notebook ready. You could also ask the teacher for permission to record the lesson.

  • Make sure that your instrument is ready with new strings and is cleaned up.

  • Have your footrest or support on hand.

  • Be prepared to listen, learn, and to try new ideas that your teacher may have.

  • Listen closely to other students who are playing at the masterclass. You can learn a lot by observing your peers.

  • When you go home afterwards, practice the ideas that the masterclass teacher gave you right away. Share these ideas with your regular teacher.

Have a great masterclass, everyone!