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Competition and Contemplation (ft. Service)

by Kevin Hart on 10/19/17

I’ve been thinking, lately, about competition. A family in the studio, deeply involved in sports, academia, and other competitive endeavors, asked about guitar competitions.  And while competitions certainly exist, and can provide motivation, I wonder about their true value in society and to the individual today.

In the interest of full disclosure, as they say, much of what I do and am interested in can be found in competitions. Music, nordic skiing, and even fly fishing (!) have competitions associated with them. But the reason I, personally, am attracted to these pursuits is not about competition, but, rather, contemplation. Each of them offer the opportunity to look within oneself and learn.

Perhaps in a world where so much emphasis is placed on “winners” and “losers” (italics, mine), it would be a good idea to take time to just “be”. To just feel. To just think.

And if you want to have the interaction with others that competition offers, consider, perhaps, service. Doing something with your music, or your time, to help others. Everyone wins that way.